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Our Mission

Our aspiration is to transform every vacant roof space into an income generating resource by harvesting rich and largely available natural resource of solar power or sun light converting it into clean and green sustainable electricity right from your roof and gives 25% incremental capital returns on investment in each year upto 25 years, which is life time profitable for your pocket and beneficial for the environment by contributing against climate change too.

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Our Products

Rooftop grid tied system

Rooftop grid tied pv system also known as Grid back feeding system, In this system the solar system connected to the utility grid.

Rooftop Off-grid system

Rooftop off-grid solar pv system also known as “stand-alone” solar system. This system is more suitable for rural & coastal areas.

Intelligent Hybrid Solar system

Rooftop intelligent hybrid solar system is an innovative and next generation system which is unique combination of grid –tied and of-grid solar system.

Solar Live Monitoring

Rooftop Solar Monitoring system enables to record the power generation data. This recorded generation data and stores in the data base.

Solar Net Meter

Solar Net meter or Bi-directional meter is an electric meter approved and issued by DISCOM to senses the flowing current and stores the total consumption units.

Solar Fencing

Solar Security Fence is designed to protect property, livestock, production, manufacturing, and lives. Every situation is different.

Solar Panels Benefits

Electricity Savings

A Minimum 100 Lpd system (5sq.m of collector area) installed in a home can save 4-6 units of electricity/day depending on the place of installation & hot water use. On an average it could be taken as 5 units/day. So it saves Monthly 150 units,annually1800 units and 9,000 units in total five year or during warranty period.

As a Standard, State Electricity Board will charge For LT Load the average rate per unit would be Rs. 10/-so an average electricity bill can be save uptoRs. 18,000/-Annual and for total five year it would be Rs. 90,000/-.

Environmental benefits

A Solar Water Heater of 200 litres capacity can prevent emission of 1.5 tonnes of carbondioxideper year.

Life: 15-20 years.

Payback period

1) 3-4 years when electricity is replaced.
2) 4-5 years when furnace oil is replaced.
3) 5-6 years when coal is replaced


We are enthusiastic in helping every electricity consumers for implementation of clean and sustainable solar based electricity generation system, innovative and optimized logical system designs and solutions that boosts returns on investment through strategic development technique in rooftop solar photo voltaic system.

Our Portfolio



We are specialized in providing most legitimate and innovative customized solutions to the clients based upon their requirement, we offer accurate solar system solutions with live remote monitoring control facility .

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Based on the site condition solutions are might be Solar On-grid system, Off-grid system, intelligent hybrid system, and solar hot water systems, customized heighted solutions are designed for different types of roofs.

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We have adopted high class technology plat forms and have partnered with leading innovation suppliers, are dealing with international standard products that imparts Squabble free performance along with innovative design & technology.

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“Be genuine! Be remarkable! Be worth connecting with us.!“

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